Tuesday, 26 May 2015


 Music lessons ( guitar ) was really hard because we learnt three new cords. The cords we learnt were BM, C and D. Firstly we started off by playing a song ( the easiest song ). Next we stood up and practiced but without looking. Then Mr McCullum told us that we would be preforming in front of the girls class for music tomorrow. Hannah and I got really excited that all our hard work would pay off. We started practicing the song straight away. But sadly we had to go back to class because our session had finished.

                      PEER MEDIATION WEEK 8

On Monday, peer mediation was kind of hard. We had lots problems. One of the hardest things to do was get all the kids to listen. The good thing was we saw some other little kids trying to sort out a problem by themselves, which means we are being good role models. I like peer mediation because it means helping out other students with there problems. I think I am doing really well with peer mediation because when it is my time to do it I turn up. 



Today at PALS, I was getting lots of little kids to come and play a game. Lots of kids were keen to come and play a game with
PALS. We decided to play tricky tag. When other kids came to play we must of had like 55 kids come! I really like doing PALS because I get to make little kids happy at school and not feel scared.




1. To be in group activities = I think I'm going good because I am  involved in lots of things

2.To be a good role model = I am being a good role model at garden to table

3.Improve in my school work = I am getting much better at maths and moving to a new group constantly 

Thursday, 7 May 2015



The majestic unicorns hoofs are as blue as the sky 
As the unicorns fly through the sky, their horns swirl in the sparkling summer sun
Each day the unicorns poop millions of rainbow skittles that fill the land
Clop, Clop, Clop as they walk along the candy coated path

I chose to use alliteration because I had lots of words that started with the same letter
I chose onomatopoeia so I can add some boom words to my poem
I chose to use a simile because I wanted to use like or as in my poem
I chose to use a hyperbole so I could have a gross sentence in my poem