Tuesday, 23 June 2015


On Friday at choir we sang lots of songs. We were mostly singing songs from the music festival booklet. One of the songs we sang was the Mexican wave and slice of heaven. I couldn't sing very well because my throat hurt. I enjoy doing choir because Miss Harris and Mr McCallum makes it fun. I can't wait until the music festival because I remember going a few years ago and it was really fun. After choir we did my discovery.I enjoy choir because we get to sing fun songs and have fun.I like our warm ups because we get to jump around.I don't really like singing but Miss Hariss makes it fun.I like performing choir in assembly.I am really excited for this Tuesday because we are performing at the year 7/8 open night.I am also performing Kapa Haka.


Today at music we had to go early because of student led conferences. We came half an hour before our lesson even started. When it was our turn we had to go and get our bags otherwise they would of got locked in the breakout hub. Then we started our lesson. Firstly we learnt hoe to play He Honoria. (If that is spelt wrong it was in my music book) Then we herd the bell ring for the end of the day. We stayed at guitar until 2:30. After guitar me and Jackie walked home together.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

music lessons

Today at guitar Hannah and I were being a bit silly. Ok, a lot silly. We were being silly by strumming our guitars really loudly and hardly while singing really loud and bad. The cords I learnt today were c g (again) and that is all. Firstly we played a song that we were really good at, secondly we practiced g cord, thirdly we learnt how to do c cord. Someone in my group (not going to name who) thought it was really easy. For me it was really hard. The hard part for me was just everything! Thank you for reading my blog post. 

peer mediation

Today at peer mediation there were no problems at all. We didn't even see anyone being mean or any problems. We went everywhere around the school but no nothing. I don't care if it takes up my morning tea or lunch because it helps other people out.I saw lots of kids playing good games in appropriate places for that game.May I also mention that I did not see any rubbish on the ground or on the field.People were also eating there food on the courts or outside there classroom.It is good to see that the senior part of the school are being good role models to the younger students.

Friday, 5 June 2015


Today at choir, we were practicing for the music festival. One of the songs were the Mexican wave. I like how choir is set out and the time of it because I have a lot that I have to do in the first block. Choir goes for  45 minutes. It starts at 8:45 and ends at 9:30. We have practiced a lot so I think we will be really good at the music festival. I am glad I joined choir because it is really fun.I did the music festival a few years ago, it was really fun because there was a big screen that video you then put you on the big screen.I also like choir because I get to play guitar.There are lots of people who are in choir, which is good.I am glad to see that lots of people are getting involved.