Monday, 19 October 2015


Today at choir, we practised for the music festival again. The first songs we sung were, Murasame, Here comes the sun/ This little light of mine. My favourite songs are Ring of fire and American child. I like these songs because  they have a cool tune and beat to them. I like choir because we get to perform at the Music Festival. If you don't know what the music festival is, it is a big event were you get to sing. I performed at the Music Festival a few years ago, it was really fun, and I can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


Today at librarian, it was really hot and stuffy. probably because I had just done long distance. The first thing we did was put some books away in the right places. Then I went and sat at the desk. The first person who wanted a book issued. Xanthe was scanning and I was stamping. Afterwards we had some more books to put away. After we had done that, we issued some books for ourselves to read. A little girl came up to us and asked us if we would like to read her a book.  The book was called I Spy. We read her half of the book. The bell rang. We packed up the library and went back to class.

Being a Good Role Model To Kakano Students

I am being a good role model to younger students by, eating outside the classroom when the bell rings instead of eating on the field. This prevents litter around the school. Another thing that I am doing is wearing my hat correctly at morning tea and lunchtimes. By wearing my hat, the Kakano students will copy me and wear their hat. Another thing that relates to that is wearing my school uniform correctly. For example, instead of wearing a jumper from home, I wear a school one. 

Bus Trip To Technology

Today on the bus to technology, I was being a good role model for our school by sitting down on the bus and only talking to the people beside me. I was also sitting with my bus buddies in the correct seat. I think as one big group we can work on our transitions a lot better.

Something I might need to work on is the noise level that I use on the bus.

Music Lessons

Today at music lessons ( guitar ), I had lots of fun. The first thing we did was play some songs we already knew. Some of the songs we played were, Ten Guitars, Let her go, Count on me by Bruno Mars and the last song was Hallelujah. The next thing we did was play 'I'm a believer'. We were practising it to get ready to perform it the next day. When Mr McCallum was playing a song, he broke one of his guitar strings. The noise it made was ear piercing!!!! We all stopped and gasped. He put his guitar down and used a different one. We carried on and kept playing. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Peer Mediation Week 4

Today at Peer Mediation, we had no problems. That means that everyone was getting along, unless they weren't telling anyone. I saw lots of people playing soccer, touch, netball and a whole bunch of others. I was the only person who turned up to Peer Mediation. At least I know to turn up to my duties.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Peer mediation week 3

Today at peer mediation, we had a few problems. Lots of little kids were taking the seniors sports gear and using it for them. We had to tell lots of little people to put the gear back in the bins and play with there own gear. Some little kids do listen, but a few kids didn't. This was our solution. We organised a game for them to play. The game was tricky tag. It was easy because you don't need any gear for it. Then some year 3 kids asked if they could have another rugby ball to go in their sport bin. After morning tea we quickly went and asked Mr. Forman if we could put another rugby ball in their sport bin. He said yes. At lunchtime I saw them playing happily.

2015 Goals ( How I am going )

These are my goals for 2015 so far.

1. To be in group activities
I think that I am going really well, because I am involved in lots of things. Such as, Choir, Kapa Haka, PALS, Radio Station, Librarian and Peer Mediation.

2. To be a good role model
I think that I am being a good role model, because I am line up and transition sensibly to and from class and assembly's. I also were my hat when I am supposed to.

3. Improve in my school work
I think that my school work has improved a lot. The area that I think I have improved in is reading. 

My next step is to turn up to my duties on time.