Wednesday, 29 July 2015

leadership goals


( how I am going )

To be in group activities - I think I am going really well because I am involved in lots of things such as choir,PALS and lots of other things.

To be a good role model - I think I am going really well because I am being a good role model to the younger students in assembly.

To improve in my school work - I think I am going really well and I am improving in my maths work.

Guitar Lessons (excellence badge)

Guitar Lessons Week 1

Today at guitar lessons, we went over all the songs we had learnt in term 1 and 2. The first song we played was Ni ewe e then 12 bar blues, ten guitars, firefly's and a whole heap of other songs. Then we started learning hallelujah. On guitar the cords needed for hallelujah are- D, G, C, Bm and A7. The hardest cords would have to be C and Bm. Bm means B minor. The first cord I learnt was E minor. Then D, E7, G and so on. My favorite song would have to be 12 bar blues because, it has a good tune to it when Mr. McCullum does it on the piano at the same time we are doing it on the guitar. I was a little rusty and had forgotten most of the cords, because it has just been the holidays. So it took me a while to do the songs. The only thing I don't like about guitar is learning new songs, because they are hard and you have to learn new cords.  

Writing Prove It Structure And Language

My goal in writing was structure and language. Here is a part of my writing to show you.

The Ice-Cream Disaster

"It was a normal day in a normal house.Benson and Borris the bears were laying in their normal spaces on the bed.It was a hot day today in fact the Daver family had gone to the beach for the day.They took a chilly bin filled with icey cold drinks and a box of frozen ice-blocks,melting away as the minutes passed by.The ice-block container WAS full, but one of the greedy children took one out.As the child took one out, I fell out.Yes I am a talking ice-cream.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Peer Mediation Week 2 (excellence badge)

Peer Mediation Week 2

Today at Peer Mediation, we had no problems. Lots of things that I saw around the playgrounds was, people playing good games. For example: Colour Tag, Busted and Tag games. On the field I saw lots of good games as well. For example: Touch, Soccer, Cricket and a whole heap of other games. There was lots of things going on, on the courts. Like Netball games, Basketball games and made up games as well. Some little kids were even having a show on the music room deck. It was cool to see little kids trying to shoot hoops and trying out new things. If you don't know what Peer Mediation is, it is when little or big kids come and tell you their problems and you sort them out. It is good that there was no problems today.  

PALS week 2 (excellence badge)

PALS week 2

Today at PALS, we decided to play doge ball. Doge ball is a very popular game, so that is why we chose it. But when we set it all up, no one came to play. So we started playing ourselves. Gradually people started to come and play with us. Firstly we played a game of medic doge ball. Then we played three rounds of knockout. I think that they enjoyed knockout the most. It was good because everybody turns up every single time. If you don't know what PALS is, it stands for Physical Activity Leader. It is when you organise games for kids to play every fortnight. We were meant to do it for half of lunch but we ended up doing the whole of lunch because we got side tracked.      

Monday, 27 July 2015

Peer Mediation week 1 (excellence badge)

Peer Mediation Week 1

On Monday I had Peer Mediation. We had a big problem. There was these kids that were fighting over who got the ball first. Some strategies I used were, say that one person could have it at morning tea, and the other person could have it at lunch. That didn't work because one of the kids said "what if the person doesn't get the ball at lunch." I thought that is point was right. So I tried to think of another strategy to use. The second strategy I used was that they shared the ball and play together. Thankfully that worked. But there was a minus. The bell rang.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Writing prove it term 1

My goal in writing for term one was to use connectives.
Here is an example of a peice of my writing

Since I have been in the year seven and eight area, I have been a lot more organised.This is because we get to manage ourselfs.In the morning we put up our faces to let the teacher no that we are here.We also have a bright green box that we could design with all our school stuff in it, we take it everywere we go.We take our boxes to teacher breakouts as well.