Monday, 30 November 2015

Being a Good Role Model To Younger Students ( Distinction Post )

 Being a Good Role Model To Younger Students

If I can be a Good Role Model to younger students, then so can you.

I have been a Good Role Model to younger students by......... Putting my rubbish in the bin after I have finished eating. This prevents them to throw rubbish around the school and keep the environment clean.

I wear my at in Term 1 and 4. This makes them copy and so they don't get burnt. ( especially with this hot weather ) 

And finally I get involved in group activities so I have something to do at Morning Tea and Lunch.   

Peer Mediation Week 8 ( Distinction Post )

On Wednesday I had Peer Mediation

First we went and got the Ipad, necklaces and jackets. Once we had put them on we headed out to the field

When we got to the field we started walking around the Long Distance track because it was marked out with cones and it covered the whole field.

While we were walking we got approached by a little boy who said his friend had hurt his leg. We went over to see how bad it was and saw it was just a little cut. We told him he could go and see the teacher in the orange vest and they could give him a plaster but he said it was okay.

After we sorted that out we kept walking around the field. When we were at the big acorn tree in the corner of the field we had some little kids come up to us saying they saw some older kids diving into the pool of water on the Long Jump pit mat. We went over and found out there was. One of them ran away and the other one admitted he was which was obvious because he was soaking wet. We thought they were in year 4 or 5. We told him to go to the office and get a new uniform for today but he said it was drying.

We kept on walking and we had only taken a couple of steps before another group of little kids approached us. Their problem was that someone had kicked their ball away. We sorted it out then discovered that some people were cheating. We helped them come up with a solution which was you all rotate positions.

Once we finished that it was time to go. We hung up the necklaces and jackets and put the Ipad away.

Librarian ( Distinction Post )

On Monday I had Librarian with Sharna and Xanthe 

First of all we stacked the shelves. You do this by looking on the spine of the book and seeing what letters are on it. You also have to check what colour the label is so you know what area to put it in. Then you stack it nicely.

Next we sat at the desk and issued, returned and renewed books.

To return books you scan the barcode and put it on the left side of the desk where the book markers are.

To issue a book you have to type in the borrowers name or scan the barcode next to their name in the book. Then you scan the barcode in the book and stamp it on the stamping page.

To renew a book you go onto the borrowers account and click the name of the book they're renewing and press renew when the button comes up.

We were doing this for the rest of the lunch.

Radio Station ( Distinction Post )

Radio Station

Today at Radio Station, we did what we normally did. If you didn't know already our school ( Oaklands ) has our own Radio Station. If you wanted to do it, you had to sign up. Since there were so many applicants, they had to choose SOME people. I was lucky enough to be one of them. I do Radio Station with Samantha Laing. We have different jobs. We both read the script and choose the songs. Sam controls the laptop and puts the songs on. While I have the hardest job. I have to work the controls board. So yeah I really do have the hardest job. Anyway, we have lots of fun at Radio Station. We are on at lunchtimes, every second Tuesday. The times are 8 : 30 - 9 : 00 and 1 : 00 to 1 : 30 on 107.2 FM. So now you can listen to us.   

Being a Good Role Model At Technology ( Distinction Post )

Being a Good Role Model At Technology

I make sure that I am being a good role model at Lincoln Technology because, I need to make sure that I make Oaklands look good. Some things that I am doing that are respectful are helping my Technology teacher by listening to them and doing what they ask me to.

PALS Week 6 ( Distinction Post )

Today at PALS, we had millions of kids turn up. This time we did skipping. The first thing we did was put on the vests and get the pozies. My job was to swing the large rope and hand out pozies. For our PALS week, we have jobs we do so we are more organised and so it is not all mumbo jumbo. When I am giving out pozies, I make sure they are for the right reasons. A good reason I could give out pozies are for anyone who is using our school CARE values, or the learner dispositions. Most of the time it is for being nice or sharing. When we have been doing skipping as an activity lately, I mostly give out pozies for helping others learning to skip, or sharing the ropes. One more thing I look for is treating the ropes with respect. Most of the time they are but sometimes they swing them around and accidently hitting someone. Skipping is a fun activity to do for PALS, so if you need some ideas for PALS, you should try skipping.

Peer Mediation Week 7 ( Distinction Post )

Peer Mediation Week 7

Today at Peer Mediation we had one problem. The problem was two kids disagreeing on something, then getting into a fight.  When we got over there, they weren't listening. They just kept fighting and fighting and fighting. They just would not stop until, I stepped in the middle of them. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner because it worked. I asked them what had happened, but they kept on fighting about who was saying what. I guess they both wanted to be the good guys. After they had told me what had happened I tried to resolve it. It turns out that they had disagreed on a little thing, ( which was what game they were going to play ). I actually didn't know what to say. So I came up with some games they could play. But the bell rang. One of the kids started crying and shouted at the other one for wasting their Morning Tea. Then they got into a fight again. I went and got their teacher and told them everything. I think the teacher sorted it out but I am sure she did.  

PALS Week 4 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 4

Today at PALS, we played a variety of games. Some types of games we played were, Long games, Eg: Indian Tag and Octopus. Another type of game we played was, short games. What I mean by short games is, ' What's the time Mr. Wolf ' and other short games. Some more games we played were, Duck Duck Goose, Touch and Sprints. We had one problem though. We only had four children who wanted to play. So the little kids went and got some of there friends, while we went and asked some kids that weren't doing anything or looked bored. In the end, we had lots of people who wanted to play. But there was another problem. Since there was so many kids, they had so many ideas for games. So we literally did all the games that they had of the top of their heads. We went over time but that doesn't matter. At least they had something to do at lunchtime. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Pegasus Triathlon (Distinction evedince)

Today I have shown leadership by.......................

Participating in the Pegasus Triathlon. The reason I have shown leadership here is because I stepped up and said that I would do it and I have represented our school. We had to swim in the lake, bike around Pegasus, and then run around the lake. I think it was more challenging than last year because I had to do more and the course was different.

Being A Good Role Model To Younger Students (Distinction post)

Being A Good Role Model To Younger Students

Today I was a good Role Model to younger students by............... eating my lunch outside my classroom when the lunch bell has already rung and I have not finished it. Another reason that I have been a good role model is by wearing my school uniform correctly. So for example I wear my correct clothes, T- shirt, jumper and culottes. I am also wearing pure green, red, grey, black or white socks. We have to make sure that we are wearing it correctly. I am also wearing my sunhat at lunchtimes and morning tea times. If I forget my hat, I will go and sit under the shades that are provided. I make sure that I drink lots of water on hot days so I don't get dehydrated. 

Peer Mediation Week 6 (Distiction Post)

Today at Peer Mediation, I had to do it by myself. But because I did Peer Mediation for Sam. W when she had to do it all by herself, she returned the favour and helped me. The first problem we had was, A little girl and a little boy having a stick fight. They had gone out of bounds to get some sticks for them and there friends. I told them to put them down. They didn't listen. Then I told them all the bad things that could happen if they kept on playing with them. The girl dropped the stick immediately and ran of. The boy on the other hand just kept on swinging it around his head and almost hit someone. I thought the best thing to do was get a teacher. I told Sam. W to go and get a teacher, so I could keep an I on the boy. When the teacher came, the boy dropped the stick and ran away. Now I think he knows not to do it again.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Devices ( Distinction evidence )

The other job I have is, doing the devices. We do the devices every morning before school, and every afternoon after lunch, before the bell rings to go home. My job is to bring out and put away the Ipods, every morning and afternoon. Sometimes I have to do the Ipads or laptops as well because, someone might not be there or even forget. I mostly have to do the Ipads in the morning because Jessica isen't usally there that early. I do the devices with Samantha.W and Jessica. This job is the easiest job that I have ( except being nice and caring to people ). We have three types of devices and three of us, so we don't miss out and we all have a job.  

Peer Mediation Week 5 ( Distinction evedence )

Today on Peer Mediation, we had quite a few problems actually. The first problem we had was about two kids who were fighting over what game to play. One boy wanted to play touch, and the other boy wanted to play tag. I am lucky that I am a PAL because, I knew what to do next. I sent them over to the PALS and explained what had happened. The PALS then organised a game of tag then a game of touch. That as that problem sorted. The next problem we had was these two kids that had sticks and were pretending that they were swords. The boy came up to me and said that he got poked in the eye. The other boy said sorry to the boy and then he went to the sick bay. I told the boy not to play with sticks because it is dangerous.     

Friday, 6 November 2015

Maths Prove It

Maths prove it

WALT...... Generalise properties of multiplication and division with whole numbers.
Here is a problem.

7 + 4 = 4 + 7

Associative  Commutative  Identity 

I think the answer is commutative.

The correct answer is commutative.

Fill in the missing numbers that makes this number sentence true.

( + 509) + 555 = 345 + ( + 555)

This is associative. CORRECT!!!!!

Lets do one more.

Which equation shows the identity property of addition?

5+1 (1+6) = (5+1) +6 | 4+3 = 3+4 | 9+0=9

I think that the answer is 9+0=9.

The correct answer is 9+0=9.