Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Technology On The Bus ( Distinction Post )

On Tuesday I had Technology.

First of all I transitioned quietly and respectfully to the bus. While we were waiting to ascend the bus I whispered to the person beside me and stayed to the side so the people on the other bus could get on.

When I was on the bus I showed the CARE values by:

- Community by staying seated and talking to the person beside me so the bus wouldn't get loud
- Active thinking by reminding people to stay seated and to talk quietly
- Respect by talking to the person beside me
- Excellence by being resilient when people wouldn't listen about staying seated and to talk quietly

When I got off the bus I transitioned quietly and respectfully to where I was supposed to be.

Formal Dance ( Having a Can-Do Attitude ) ( Distinction Post )

Formal Dance ( Having a Can-Do Attitude ) 

Today at Formal Dance, I demonstrated a Can-Do attitude by, smiling at my partner, my body language and my enthusiasm towards dance.

At first I would barely touch my partner, but now I will do it properly and have lots of enthusiasm during a dance.

My favourite dance is the Waltz and the Rock 'n' Role Reel.   


PALS Week 10 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 10

Today at  PALS, we could not decide on what game to play. We decided to play Tricky Tag.

The good thing about this game was that we didn't need any gear. The first thing we did was get the jackets, pozies and some cones just in case.

The next thing we did was setup for the game. At first we had no one, then as we got a few people, more and more kept on coming.

The game was going really well until there was a disagreement. It was a kid who thought that they got the other person first, and the other person thought the same.

I decided to use my Peer Mediation skills and sort this out. I pulled them aside so everyone else could keep playing.

The first thing I did was asked them for their sides of the story. Then I came up with a solution. I told them to do Paper, Scissors and Rock if it ever happened again.

Gala ( Distinction Post )

Today at the Gala setup, I was showing my CARE values by ..............

Community- I was showing Community by, when we were moving stuff for the White Elephant, I was being self aware of the stuff around me.

Active Thinking- I was showing Active Thinking by, thinking about how I can help out Miss 'O and Mr Ladbrook, because they already had a lot to do.

Respect- I was respecting what I was carrying around. So I wasn't running with heavy/ breakable stuff, and thinking about were I was in the school.

Excellence- I was showing Excellence by,  putting my hand up to do face painting for half an hour at the Gala.  

Peer Mediation Week 10 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 10

Today at PALS, we were walking around. We started at the juniors area. The first thing we noticed was a problem.

The problem was that a heap of kids were on a pile of bark, at the back corner of the field.  The pile of bark was really big.  It also had cones around it, which made the situation  even worse.

The next thing we did was try to tell them to get of the pile of bark, but they didn't listen. Then one kid was being really rude to us, and yelling over top of us when we were trying to stop them all. 

Then a Duty Teacher came over to see what the fuss was. But when the teacher was coming closer, one little kid kicked a whole heap of bark in my face, and some got in my eye. Then when the teacher came, they got in big trouble.  

Monday, 7 December 2015

Peer Mediation Week 9 ( Distinction Post )

Being a role model for the students in the Kakano Team -Today at lunchtime at Peer Mediation we had no problems so I was really board. Then randomly some little kids told me to look for Rebecca. K. I tried to explain to them that I was on Peer Mediation, but of course they didn't understand. It starting of with them chucking my hat and making me go fetch it, then they literally started smacking me. This was pretty painful, but it was fun for them. I was showing leadership by, spending some time with little kids and being a role model. Overall it was quite fun for Peer Mediation. 

Librarian ( Distinction Post )

Every second Wednesday, Xanthe, Sharna, and I are on desk in the library. Since this week wasn't our turn, I decided to help other groups and fill in for people who forgot to come. I think being a librarian is a big responsibility because you need to help people find nice books and always be kind. Being a librarian even means keeping the library clean, by politely telling the kids who made a mess to tidy up after themselves , putting books away and getting books out for other kids.

PALS Week 8 ( Distinction Post )

On Tuesday Samara, Zainab and I did pals for pals we played capture the flag, it was only for kauri though.

Capture the flag was very challenging and intense for the bib team since they had one flag left 

and didn't want to lose but unfortunately the non-bib team won.

 I personally think for a kauri pals game capture the flag would be an amazing game to play because all kids get into it. I think any game would be just as good as capture the flag if everyone is playing fair.