Monday, 25 April 2016

Visual Art

Visual Art

WALT: Apply knowledge about shapes, and patterns derived from nature into an original artwork.

For visual art the SOLO level I achieved was: Relational because, I think I could have done better when I was blending my colours.

My next step in visual art is: To blend the colours more, and have a variety of different colours.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Writing Exposition


WALT: Follow the writing process to write an exposition.
We were writing an exposition about 2 leaders that we thought were really good leaders. I chose Richie McCaw and Kate Sheppard. Here is my conclusion on my writing.

In my opinion, Richie McCaw is a better leader because, he leads his team as a captain, and his team has achieved many things together.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Assembly Role Model (Must Do) #12

Assembly Role Model (Must Do)

At our Kauri Hui /Assembly, I was being a good role model to the younger students of the Kauri team.

We started off with our school waiata ( Tai Tapu ).

I was being a good role model by, singing with pride, and keeping my hands and feet to myself.

It is important that you are a good role model to younger students because you want them to look up to you as a leader.

We then took a look at what the hosting class has been up to.

After that, Mr Forman, and Mr Hillary talked about sport.

Since we were running short for time, we finished up and went back to class.

Leadership Meeting (Must Do) #11

Leadership meeting  (Must Do)

On Monday we had our last leadership meeting for Term 1.

At the start of our meeting Mr Ladbrook talked about how well we had done for our first term.

He then said that we needed to wait for Mr Brown, so we talked amongst ourselves. 

After about 5 minutes, Mr Brown came and told us about what was happening with tabloid sports this week.

To be honest, I had no idea what he was going on about. But we shortly understood, as WE had no idea about the tabloid sports this week.

Mr Brown didn't know exactly what was happening on Friday either, but he said he was going to ask Mr Forman and find out for us, so we might end up having another meeting on Thursday.

I am looking forward to Tabloid Sports, as we are organizing the games.

Bus To Technology (Must Do) #10

On the bus to technology  (Must Do)

On Tuesday all the year 7/8 students went to technology.

On the way there I sat next to Brooke; I also sat next to her on the way back.

On the way there, the noise level was ok, because everyone was talking to the people beside them, but some people were speaking loudly because they were talking to someone on the other side of the bus. 

I think that I spoke reasonably quiet to the person next to me, because there was barley anything to talk about, so we decided to play a silent game (Paper, Scissors, Rock). 

On the way back, we sat closer to the front.

On the way back, I think that our noise level was better than on the way there, because we said everything on the way there, so there wasn't much to talk about, for most people.

Next week I need to work on my noise level.

Term 1 Integrated Learning - Leadership

Term 1 Integrated Learning - Leadership

We have been learning all about What makes a good leader.

We identified that good leaders show 6 main character traits. These are Integrity, Trustworthy, Resilient, Active Thinker, Goal focused and motivational.

The leadership trait that I think I show the most is, Resilient, because when ever I fail, I am resilient, and pull myself out of the pit.

The leadership trait I would most like to develop is, Active Thinker because, I don't participate in group discussions that much.

Something NEW I have learned about leadership is, you don't have to be a House Captain, or a Head Student to be a leader.

The SOLO level that I reached during this unit of learning is Extended Abstract, because, I can evaluate the effectiveness of a leader.

My next step in learning about leadership is to apply everything that I have learned about leadership to my own leadership roles.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Leadership Meeting Follow Up (Must Do) #8

Leadership meeting follow up   (Must do)

Today we had to read chapter eight of a book. 

Then we had to answer some questions.

Here is my chart of the questions, then the answers,

Leadership role
School work
Out of school
Who is someone that can help me often with this?
Another Captain, or the teacher in charge.
My teachers, or another student.
My parents, or sporting coach.
When is this responsibility usually my highest priority?
Sporting events, house days.

What is the main objective that I am aiming for with this responsibility?

My next step is to add more information.
To make your house win, and lead your house

Get my school work done.
Turn up on time.

Librarian (Can Do) #9

Librarian (Can Do)

Every Monday, Sam W, Sam L, Samara and I are on library.

Our Job is to read to the books to the kids out on the music room deck.

I think the kids really enjoy the new change, and so do I.

I think being a librarian is a big responsibility because you need to help people find nice books and always be kind.

Being a librarian even means keeping the library clean, by politely telling the kids who made a mess to tidy up after themselves , putting books away and getting books out for other kids.

Librarian (Can Do) #7

Librarian  (Can do)

On Monday I did Librarian with Sam W, Sam L and Samara. We were on at lunch and we had to read books to the juniors down in the junior area on the deck.

First of all we went to the library and got a handful of books and a bean bag each.

Then we headed to the deck. As soon as we got there the little kids that usually come came running over.

As usual I got bombarded by most of the kids.

They sat on our lap and we started reading. We read for most of lunch.

The kids seemed to really enjoy it, and it is good that they have something to do at lunch.
When the bell rang we returned the books and beanbags and headed back to class.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Kapa Haka (Can Do) #6

Kapa haka   (Can Do)

On Friday I had Kapa Haka. It was at 10.30.

I walked over to the hall quickly and respectfully and took my shoes off in the hall foyer.

Once I was inside I sat down in my spot and talked quietly to the people beside me.

The first song we sang was He honere. We did this as a warm up.

Next we sang hareruia. We decided this will be our opening song for the Cultural festival but only a few people will be on stage at the start singing then the girls join in then the boys.

Then we sang the school song. We went through it a few times then Mr Brown told us to stop. Mrs Baker and Mr Brown ah came up with a new move. It was sliding across while doing jazz hands. We did this a few times and the it was time to go.

Run Bike Run (Must Do) #5

Run Bike Run  (Must Do)

On Monday the Kauri team had the Run, Bike, Run.

We were having the event at the Halswell domain.

We left school at 10 and arrived at the domain at 10.30. The bikers put their bikes in transition and then headed to the athletes Village where everyone else was sitting.

At around 11 the races started and the games. Race 1 started which are the 8 year old individuals and the 8 year old teams. The games started as well and the Miro house captains which are Samantha L and Xanthe started doing their game French Cricket with the year 6.

Next Race 2 started. This was the 9 year old individuals an d the 9 year old teams. The next game was with the Kowhai house captains Jack M and Alicia. They played Dodge ball and the age group with them was 11 and 12 which means I could play. The game was really fun.

Then it was time for Race 3. This was the 10 year old individuals and 10 year old teams. The game this time was with the Rimu house captains which is Samara and I. The age group we had was the 8 year old's. We played Indian Tag and it went really well but it was hard making them focus on the game.

Now it was time for the 11 and 12 year old races which is my race. I was doing it as an individual. I was really nervous but the race went really well. Overall I came 5th.

Next it was time for prize giving. The top 3 individuals from each age group got their medal and then it was time to go.