Thursday, 26 September 2013


                        THE CONICAL HILL CLIMB

 Boom! I woke up in  the morning getting ready for the Conical Hill climb. (even though I had no idea what it was)I went down stairs and got my breakfast.Next I went back up stairs and watched some t.v.

Next I got dressed and brushed my teeth.Then we watched the weather and got on our shoes.Finally we walked out the door and started walking.

After a long bumpy walk we came to a uphill part.So we walked up it."My hamstrings hurt!"I yelped.So we stopped for a bit and then kept on walking.Finally we got to the bottom of Conical Hill.

We started climbing the high steep hill.When we were about halfway,my mum,aunty,Bella,Willow and Paige stopped.The view was mind blowing you could see trees, houses and other hills. But the rest of us kept on climbing.

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