Wednesday, 26 February 2014

writing about art



A few days ago, we started doing art. First we had to choose a icon of our culture. Then we had to learn all the different ways of doing it. After that we had to draw a draft copie in our topic books. We had to have four squres but they all have to have the same pictures in them. I chose a pawa-shell. You had to make the painting different colours. One had to be the right colours and one had to be black and white and one had to be colours that clash and lastly one had to be any colours you wanted it to be eg: pink, green, orange and blue and black. After we had drawn them in our books, we got to paint them. It took a while because we had to try and make all different colours. It was quite hard because if you wanted to do the same colour you had to make it the exact colour you did or it will just look funny. When I was finished I had to go round my art with a vivid. The finished product looks amazing. I am very proud of what I have achieved in a few days.


If I had to do this again I would try and do much thicker texture and probably try to have clear lines and straight lines. I might even change the colours a bit.

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