Tuesday, 25 March 2014


WHAT: Living springs camp [2014]

SO WHAT: Something I enjoyed was the mud slide, bouldering wall, monorail, low ropes and the farm park. I liked the mud slide the best because it was fun when you got to the end of it because you got to all the mud. I loved looking at all the different animals at the farm park. There was a cute donkey called Miley. We also milked cows and sheered sheep and also got to feed the animals. The monorail was the freakiest thing I had ever done cause when you went round the corners you feel like your going to fall off. I found low ropes challenging when I did some things blindfolded Eg:the log swing one. One thing I didn't enjoy was walking up the big hill and that some people had to go home. I also learnt that walking up the hills can be really tiring. I also enjoyed the campfire.

NOW WHAT: If I went back again I would probably eat a bit more and get way more sleep

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