Thursday, 12 March 2015

My PAL'S activitie

At PAL'S,we got lots of little kids to join in the fun.The games  played were:octopus, tricky tag, tag, and duck duck goose.We choose a variety of games because we want to see what what ones are the best.I think octopus worked very well because when some little kids saw us playing the game and came and joined in.We then took a vote of what game we should play next. Most of them chose tricky tag, so we played that for a while.When our time was up,all the kids wanted us to stay.But when we left, I saw a few kids trying to get others to play a game.It was a huge success! That just means we were being good role models.Whenever I am out on the field ,I see the same kids coming to every PAL'S activities. Which means they have something to do.

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