Monday, 22 February 2016

Leadership Traits 2016

Leadership Traits 2016

WALT....... How to become a better leader

My task was to explain the traits of an effective learner. 
I was learning about The Real Richie McCaw ( The Story )
Here are some examples of what we have been doing over the last few days, 

The leadership traits we used were,

He was honest that he was going to come.
He could’ve lied to the teacher.
He had to be trustworthy to the teacher because he didn’t want the teacher to tell the kids that he was there.
He wanted it to be a surprise.
He had to be in a small cubicle like a tiny little changing room, it’s 2 metres high and half a metre wide.
It would’ve been quite tight for a rugby player to fit inside.
Active Thinker
He was an Active thinker by when they made a statue of him he came instead to give the kids a surprise.
He wanted to make kids happy.
Goal Focused
He was trying to teach the kids touch
He wanted people to enjoy what he loved.
He was being motivational by motivating the kids to tackle him.
By encouraging the kids to try.
I think I reached Multistructual because, we had a lot of information in it, and we explained each of the traits well.

My next step is to, give more information about the text.

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