Wednesday, 9 December 2015

PALS Week 10 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 10

Today at  PALS, we could not decide on what game to play. We decided to play Tricky Tag.

The good thing about this game was that we didn't need any gear. The first thing we did was get the jackets, pozies and some cones just in case.

The next thing we did was setup for the game. At first we had no one, then as we got a few people, more and more kept on coming.

The game was going really well until there was a disagreement. It was a kid who thought that they got the other person first, and the other person thought the same.

I decided to use my Peer Mediation skills and sort this out. I pulled them aside so everyone else could keep playing.

The first thing I did was asked them for their sides of the story. Then I came up with a solution. I told them to do Paper, Scissors and Rock if it ever happened again.

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