Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Peer Mediation Week 10 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 10

Today at PALS, we were walking around. We started at the juniors area. The first thing we noticed was a problem.

The problem was that a heap of kids were on a pile of bark, at the back corner of the field.  The pile of bark was really big.  It also had cones around it, which made the situation  even worse.

The next thing we did was try to tell them to get of the pile of bark, but they didn't listen. Then one kid was being really rude to us, and yelling over top of us when we were trying to stop them all. 

Then a Duty Teacher came over to see what the fuss was. But when the teacher was coming closer, one little kid kicked a whole heap of bark in my face, and some got in my eye. Then when the teacher came, they got in big trouble.  

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