Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Bus To Technology (Must Do) #10

On the bus to technology  (Must Do)

On Tuesday all the year 7/8 students went to technology.

On the way there I sat next to Brooke; I also sat next to her on the way back.

On the way there, the noise level was ok, because everyone was talking to the people beside them, but some people were speaking loudly because they were talking to someone on the other side of the bus. 

I think that I spoke reasonably quiet to the person next to me, because there was barley anything to talk about, so we decided to play a silent game (Paper, Scissors, Rock). 

On the way back, we sat closer to the front.

On the way back, I think that our noise level was better than on the way there, because we said everything on the way there, so there wasn't much to talk about, for most people.

Next week I need to work on my noise level.

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