Monday, 4 April 2016

Run Bike Run (Must Do) #5

Run Bike Run  (Must Do)

On Monday the Kauri team had the Run, Bike, Run.

We were having the event at the Halswell domain.

We left school at 10 and arrived at the domain at 10.30. The bikers put their bikes in transition and then headed to the athletes Village where everyone else was sitting.

At around 11 the races started and the games. Race 1 started which are the 8 year old individuals and the 8 year old teams. The games started as well and the Miro house captains which are Samantha L and Xanthe started doing their game French Cricket with the year 6.

Next Race 2 started. This was the 9 year old individuals an d the 9 year old teams. The next game was with the Kowhai house captains Jack M and Alicia. They played Dodge ball and the age group with them was 11 and 12 which means I could play. The game was really fun.

Then it was time for Race 3. This was the 10 year old individuals and 10 year old teams. The game this time was with the Rimu house captains which is Samara and I. The age group we had was the 8 year old's. We played Indian Tag and it went really well but it was hard making them focus on the game.

Now it was time for the 11 and 12 year old races which is my race. I was doing it as an individual. I was really nervous but the race went really well. Overall I came 5th.

Next it was time for prize giving. The top 3 individuals from each age group got their medal and then it was time to go.

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