Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Peer Mediation Week 2 (excellence badge)

Peer Mediation Week 2

Today at Peer Mediation, we had no problems. Lots of things that I saw around the playgrounds was, people playing good games. For example: Colour Tag, Busted and Tag games. On the field I saw lots of good games as well. For example: Touch, Soccer, Cricket and a whole heap of other games. There was lots of things going on, on the courts. Like Netball games, Basketball games and made up games as well. Some little kids were even having a show on the music room deck. It was cool to see little kids trying to shoot hoops and trying out new things. If you don't know what Peer Mediation is, it is when little or big kids come and tell you their problems and you sort them out. It is good that there was no problems today.  


  1. It's good that you had no problems and I like how you make your blogging long and more than a couple of sentences

  2. its good to see that you are getting involved in your peer-mediation and working towards leadership badges by blogging keep it up! :)