Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Guitar Lessons (excellence badge)

Guitar Lessons Week 1

Today at guitar lessons, we went over all the songs we had learnt in term 1 and 2. The first song we played was Ni ewe e then 12 bar blues, ten guitars, firefly's and a whole heap of other songs. Then we started learning hallelujah. On guitar the cords needed for hallelujah are- D, G, C, Bm and A7. The hardest cords would have to be C and Bm. Bm means B minor. The first cord I learnt was E minor. Then D, E7, G and so on. My favorite song would have to be 12 bar blues because, it has a good tune to it when Mr. McCullum does it on the piano at the same time we are doing it on the guitar. I was a little rusty and had forgotten most of the cords, because it has just been the holidays. So it took me a while to do the songs. The only thing I don't like about guitar is learning new songs, because they are hard and you have to learn new cords.  

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