Monday, 30 November 2015

Librarian ( Distinction Post )

On Monday I had Librarian with Sharna and Xanthe 

First of all we stacked the shelves. You do this by looking on the spine of the book and seeing what letters are on it. You also have to check what colour the label is so you know what area to put it in. Then you stack it nicely.

Next we sat at the desk and issued, returned and renewed books.

To return books you scan the barcode and put it on the left side of the desk where the book markers are.

To issue a book you have to type in the borrowers name or scan the barcode next to their name in the book. Then you scan the barcode in the book and stamp it on the stamping page.

To renew a book you go onto the borrowers account and click the name of the book they're renewing and press renew when the button comes up.

We were doing this for the rest of the lunch.

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