Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Peer Mediation Week 5 ( Distinction evedence )

Today on Peer Mediation, we had quite a few problems actually. The first problem we had was about two kids who were fighting over what game to play. One boy wanted to play touch, and the other boy wanted to play tag. I am lucky that I am a PAL because, I knew what to do next. I sent them over to the PALS and explained what had happened. The PALS then organised a game of tag then a game of touch. That as that problem sorted. The next problem we had was these two kids that had sticks and were pretending that they were swords. The boy came up to me and said that he got poked in the eye. The other boy said sorry to the boy and then he went to the sick bay. I told the boy not to play with sticks because it is dangerous.     

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