Monday, 30 November 2015

PALS Week 4 ( Distinction Post )

PALS Week 4

Today at PALS, we played a variety of games. Some types of games we played were, Long games, Eg: Indian Tag and Octopus. Another type of game we played was, short games. What I mean by short games is, ' What's the time Mr. Wolf ' and other short games. Some more games we played were, Duck Duck Goose, Touch and Sprints. We had one problem though. We only had four children who wanted to play. So the little kids went and got some of there friends, while we went and asked some kids that weren't doing anything or looked bored. In the end, we had lots of people who wanted to play. But there was another problem. Since there was so many kids, they had so many ideas for games. So we literally did all the games that they had of the top of their heads. We went over time but that doesn't matter. At least they had something to do at lunchtime. 

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