Monday, 30 November 2015

PALS Week 6 ( Distinction Post )

Today at PALS, we had millions of kids turn up. This time we did skipping. The first thing we did was put on the vests and get the pozies. My job was to swing the large rope and hand out pozies. For our PALS week, we have jobs we do so we are more organised and so it is not all mumbo jumbo. When I am giving out pozies, I make sure they are for the right reasons. A good reason I could give out pozies are for anyone who is using our school CARE values, or the learner dispositions. Most of the time it is for being nice or sharing. When we have been doing skipping as an activity lately, I mostly give out pozies for helping others learning to skip, or sharing the ropes. One more thing I look for is treating the ropes with respect. Most of the time they are but sometimes they swing them around and accidently hitting someone. Skipping is a fun activity to do for PALS, so if you need some ideas for PALS, you should try skipping.

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